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Sunday 28 June 2015

Leopard 2 Basic Vehicle Qualification Campaign Available Now!

We are pleased to announce that we have released our newest campaign: Leopard 2 Basic Vehicle Qualification.

Teaser Video:

This is a 10 mission campaign (with 1 introduction mission) that covers the following:

1. Land Navigation and Map Reading
2. Vehicle Navigation Day
3. Vehicle Navigation Night
4. Stationary Target Engagement Day
5. Stationary Target Engagement Night
6. Moving Target Engagement Day
7. Moving Target Engagement Night
8. Combat Formation Driving Test Day
9. Combat Proficiency Test Day
10. Combat Proficiency Test Night

Since this is our first Leopard 2 CA campaign we look forward to feedback from users to improve it.  We hope you enjoy it.


Game Bug effecting F-15C BFT Campaign Mission BFT10 - Instrument Flight Plan Navigation

A user reported that they continually got an Altitude Failure at the 5th WP when flying at the correct altitude (12,000').

We have determined that there is a discrepancy between the HUD and Altitude indicator displayed values and what the game engine is determining as the aircrafts altitude.  It's off by a few hundred feet but it's enough to cause our trigger to fail.

For example our mission triggers are detecting +/- 300' from 12,000' and if you fly with your HUD or Altitude indicator at exactly 12,000' the game engine is actually registering your aircraft higher than 12,300' and that puts you outside the success trigger zone resulting in an Altitude Failure call.

HUD Altitude Value:

Game Altitude Value:

The short term fix is to fly to WP 5 at about 11,800' altitude instead of exactly at 12,000'.

We don't know if this is effecting other campaigns (A-10A, A-10C or MiG-29) but we will be testing those to find out.

We will also open a bug report to see if ED can fix it.

In the mean time, just fly slightly below 12,000' and you should be able to pass the mission.  

We will release an update to make the trigger zone wider to account for this issue but it's surprising that the other WP's don't experience the problem so it may be localized to that area of the map.


Tuesday 23 June 2015

Updated BlackShark 2 Interactive Start-up Trainer Tester

We have updated the Ka-50 Interactive Start-up Trainer Tester mission after some users reported that some switch settings were not being detected.

You can download the updated package here: 

To install, just un-install the current package and reinstall the new one.  Your existing mission key and password will work with the updated package.  


Saturday 20 June 2015

Updated BFT Campaigns

We have updated the following campaigns to add a mission objectives page to the briefings section.  

We hope this helps players better understand what is expected to accomplish the missions. 

You can download the updated packages here: 

To install, just un-install the current campaign package and reinstall the new one.  Your existing mission key and password will work with the updated package.  Your campaign progress will not be affected as it is recorded in your logbook.


Thursday 11 June 2015

Starway's Desert 3.0

Another recent forum find that we really like is Starway's Desert 3.0 mod. 

If you haven't tried scenery mods before this one gives the Black Sea region a whole new look.  

It's a desert landscape which really gives the old map a facelift.  It's like playing DCS 2.0 right now!

Here is an example screenshot so you can judge for yourself:

Here are the related links:

We highly recommend this mod.