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Thursday 6 August 2015

A-10C Tactical Training Qualification Campaign Updated!

The A-10C Tactical Training Qualification Campaign has been updated.

We corrected the issue found in TAC18 and also corrected some minor issues in the Arrival mission and all the briefing text where it was truncated.

The updated packages can be downloaded here:

Part A
Part B

Your mission key and password can be used to install these updated packages and your campaign progress will not be impacted as it is recorded in your logbook.


Wednesday 5 August 2015

September Issue of Combat Aircraft Available Now!

Combat Aircraft Monthly September 2015 Vol 16 No 9  is on sale now:


Get it here.

Fix Identified. A-10C Tactical Training Qualification Campaign Updated Soon!

Good news! We have found the bug and have tested a fix and it works!

It appears that 1.2.16 version changed something in the way wingmen radio calls were managed. The changelog mentions this: "Fixed error in radio speech scripts AI planes for some countries."

In our missions we were using a trigger to reduce the number of target call outs as it was cluttering up the comms. The change in 1.2.16 appears to change the behavior of this trigger so now when implemented the wingmen go completely silent with no radio call acknowledgements.

Our fix is to remove this trigger and we have confirmed that wingmen comms are re-established.

We will be updating all the missions that have this trigger soon. 

Your existing mission keys and passwords will work with the updated package.


Tuesday 4 August 2015

Wingmen Comms Broken in Part B of the A-10C Tactical Training Qualification Campaign

It has come to our attention that Wingmen comms are broken in Part B of the Tactical Training Qualification Campaign (missions TAC18 - TAC25).

It appears that a DCS Game Engine update has caused the problem. The Wingmen still respond but there is no radio comms for them to acknowledge the orders.

This makes playing those missions extremely difficult especially since you can't hear the "UNABLE" or "REJOIN" responses and no text is displayed.

If you still want to attempt the missions you can assume they are using EMCON 4 (Emission Control Level 4 which means no radio communication or emitter use). The Wingmen will follow your orders (given via the function key menus) they just won't acknowledge them so it is still possible to complete the missions (the success triggers are geared around targets destroyed not which aircraft does the destruction).

We are investigating a workaround and trying to identify the Game Engine update that caused the problem. 

Part A of the Tactical Training Qualification Campaign (missions TAC11 - TAC17) is still playable as Wingmen are not required to complete those missions.

We apologize for the frustration this has caused many of you.

We will post an updated Part B when we determine a workaround that allows the missions to be completed successfully in the absence of working Wingmen comms.