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Friday 30 September 2016

A-10C Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Campaign Released on the ED Store

We are pleased to announce that ED have released our updated A-10C Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Campaign.
We updated all the voice overs in the campaign with professional recordings. 
The professional voice overs really make a difference in our opinion.

The MFM Rebate Program will continue for this campaign as well so if you had purchased it from the MFM website we will rebate your original purchase price on proof of purchase of the ED Store version.

We have many more campaigns in the pipeline and will share information about them when we can.

Happy flying!  

Monday 19 September 2016

F-5E vs MiG-21 Grudge Match!

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to point you at a Forum Thread that my good friend Hook from the BlackKnights and Stingers has created.
They just finished the 2nd event and a 3rd is planned.  
Hook did the play by play and did a damn fine job of it in our opinion.  If you get a chance it's well worth watching the twitch feed video here.
We decided to co-sponsor the event as we are developing the F-5E Campaign and have offered the winning team a free t-shirt from our cafepress site.
We have added both the MiG-21 and F-5E images to our product line and updated the graphics and titles for all the images.

Congrats to the winning team (Team Tiger) and to all pilots and everyone who participated to make an outstanding event.   
We look forward to more of Ramsey's Grudge Match Series as they are extremely entertaining.  I'm sure you will enjoy watching them too.
Good Hunting!