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Tuesday 22 December 2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Thanks to all our customers for your support through this unprecedented year. 

We wish you and your families all the best this holiday season.

Fly Safe!

Wednesday 11 November 2020

In Honor of All Veterans Today...


We want to thank all veterans across all armed forces who have and continue to combat the forces of evil so that freedom and democracy can continue.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment.    

Thank you for your contribution  and sacrifice.

We are eternally in your debt.


Saturday 11 July 2020

Preview of New Syria Map!

Matt Wagner has released a preview video of a strike mission on the upcoming Syria Map.

DCS: Syria is a unique theater of war that includes missions and campaigns of military confrontations in the Middle East from the 60s to the present day. 

This project allows users to apply nearly the entire arsenal of DCS World aircraft, helicopters and ground equipment. It also includes the possibility to re-enact some of the largest military conflicts of our time.

- The Six-Day War of 1967
- The Arab-Israeli conflict of 1973
- The Lebanese War of 1982
- The War on International Terrorism in the 21st Century

The reasons for these conflicts were ideological and economic contradictions not only of the countries of the Middle East, but also of the USA and USSR superpowers. 

DCS: Syria is a symbol of real modern war. The Syria theater will contain military confrontation sites such as Homs Province and the Aleppo Citadel, Golan Heights and the Bekaa Valley. 

Ground-based anti-aircraft missile systems, unmanned aerial vehicles
and air-to-air missiles were used here for the first time on a large scale. About 900 airplanes and helicopters were destroyed during these conflicts.  

Read more on our forum.

Safe flights!

Wednesday 18 March 2020

ED's Stay At Home Sale and Free Trial Event

Given the ever-changing situation surrounding COVID-19, we want to assure our customers and staff that we take this situation seriously and that the safety of all comes first.

We will continue to support ED and our products as the situation unfolds and are continuing with our plans to develop and release more content.

ED has decided to have a sale and all our campaigns are currently 50% off on the ED Store. 

In addition ED is giving you free trial access to popular DCS World modules. For those of you staying at home, you can explore ED's website and join us on social media for inspiration. The trials will run from the 18th of March to the 18th of April 2020.

During the trial period, all participating modules benefit from up to 50% discount. 

This is a very scary time for everyone in the world but we will get through this. 

Safe Flights!