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Saturday 9 April 2016

A-10C BFT Practice Missions Now Available in the ED Store DLC

The practice missions that were missing from the initial release are now in the campaign download.

Most of the practice missions are embedded in the campaign now so you can try them before the qualification mission.

You can also play them as single player missions outside of the campaign so you can perfect your tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) prior to trying the qualification missions.

3 of the practice missions were not appropriate for the campaign style of play so you can play them individually:

1. Interactive Start-Up Trainer Tester
 - This mission will have start-up procedure callout that will be highlighted if you don't select them within 10 seconds.  It's a great way to learn the position of switches and buttons.

2. Interactive Shutdown Trainer Tester
 - Similar to the Start-up Trainer this mission has you in a landing approach and does shutdown callouts after you clear the runway.  It's a great way to learn the shutdown procedure.

3. BFT06 - Spiral Dive, Lazy Eight and Forced Landing.  This mission starts you in the air just prior to the Spiral Dive maneuver.  It's a good way to learn these procedures without having to fly the whole mission.

To play these or any of the practice missions (or even the qualification missions) as single player missions consult this thread.

There are detailed instructions with screenshots to show you how to access and play these missions as single player missions outside the campaign.

We hope you enjoy these missions and hope that they make you a better A-10C Pilot.