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Sunday 14 November 2021

Liberation - Russian War Movies on Youtube

Recently, the 5 film Liberation series by Yuri Ozerov was made available on Youtube with English subtitles.

This is a series of films about WW2 from the Russian perspective.

Models were used in some scenes but given that these were done before the era of computer graphics, overall the combat sequences looked very good.
The airplanes are not period but they did a good job with mocked up German Tiger and Panther tanks and many T-34's.

The combat sequences were realistic and there is lots of action interspersed with the strategic planning and decision making by the generals and key leaders.

There have been some very good Russian and Korean war movies and series now being made more available via Netflix and Prime Video.

If you don't mind subtitles you might find this and other related movies and series enjoying.

Fly safe!


Thursday 11 November 2021

In Honor of All Veterans Today...

We want to thank all veterans across all armed forces who have and continue to combat the forces of evil so that freedom and democracy can continue.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment.    

Thank you for your contribution  and sacrifice.

We are eternally in your debt.