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Sunday 8 February 2015

F-15C Basic Flight Training Qualification Campaign Available Now!

Similar to our successful A-10C Basic Flight Training Qualification Campaign we have released a version for the F-15C.

This campaign has many improvements including updated graphics, additional voice overs and improved feedback results.  Many of the enhancements are being propagated back to the A-10C campaign and we hope to release the updated version soon.

Basic Flight Training Qualification - 12 mission Campaign covering qualifications for Basic Aircraft Qualification (BAQ).

Basic Flight Training Qualification Documentation - Provides Mission Data Cards, Maps and Diagrams for all 12 missions of the campaign. 

Basic Flight Training Qualification Documentation 2 - Provides User Bars, Badges and Certificates for the Campaign.

The F-15C Pilot Qualification Course has the following phases

Phase 1: Academic Classes and Pre-Flight Training

Phase 2: Basic Flight Training Qualification

Phase 3: Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification

Phase 4: Tactical Training Qualification

Phase 1 gives you Initial Qualification Training (IQT) and is a pre-requisite for Phase 2. Hopefully you have completed Phase 1 and are familiar with the F-15C aircraft systems and instruments. If not, please read the F-15C Flight Manual before continuing. 

Phase 2 gives you Basic Aircraft Qualification (BAQ). It is a pre-requisite for Phase 3. It is recommended that you complete this phase before proceeding to Phase 3. 

Phase 3 makes you Basic Mission Capable (BMC). It is a pre-requisite for Phase 4.

Phase 4 makes you Combat Mission Ready (CMR). This is necessary before proceeding on any real combat missions.

Phase 2 - Basic Flight Training Qualification contains:

Contact Stage (VFR):

1. Perform Ground Handling

2. Perform Take-Off and EFATO

3. Fly Traffic Pattern

4. Perform Approach and Landing

5. Perform Basic Maneuvers

6. Perform Advanced Handling

7. Perform Aerobatics

8. Respond to Emergencies

Instrument / Navigation Stage (IFR):

9. Instrument Approach (Landing)

10. Instrument Flight Plan Navigation

Formation Stage:

11. Fly 2 Ship as Wingman

Low-Level Stage

12. Fly Low-Level Flight Plan

This is a payware campaign that requires the purchase of a mission key to install.

More details can be found at our website here

We hope you enjoy it

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