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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Fix Identified. A-10C Tactical Training Qualification Campaign Updated Soon!

Good news! We have found the bug and have tested a fix and it works!

It appears that 1.2.16 version changed something in the way wingmen radio calls were managed. The changelog mentions this: "Fixed error in radio speech scripts AI planes for some countries."

In our missions we were using a trigger to reduce the number of target call outs as it was cluttering up the comms. The change in 1.2.16 appears to change the behavior of this trigger so now when implemented the wingmen go completely silent with no radio call acknowledgements.

Our fix is to remove this trigger and we have confirmed that wingmen comms are re-established.

We will be updating all the missions that have this trigger soon. 

Your existing mission keys and passwords will work with the updated package.


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