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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Updated BFT Campaign Packages.

Both Release and Openbeta packages have been updated to add some more content and fix an annoying bug in BFT04.

Some users had indicated that BFT04 would not transition to the next mission even if they got a Q or Q- rating.

We couldn't reproduce the issue on our system but we did find an extra flag that we suspect caused the problem so we removed it.

The updated packages can be downloaded here:

OpenBeta 1.5 A-10C BFT Campaign

Additionally we have updated these packages as well:

OpenBeta 1.5 Su-27 BFT Campaign
Release 1.2.16 Su-27 BFT Campaign

OpenBeta 1.5 MiG-29G BFT Campaign
Release 1.2.16 MiG-29G BFT Campaign

OpenBeta 1.5 A-10A BFT Campaign
Release 1.2.16 A-10A BFT Campaign

OpenBeta 1.5 F-15C BFT Campaign
Release 1.2.16 F-15C BFT Campaign

Your mission key and password can be used to install these updated packages and your campaign progress will not be impacted as it is recorded in your logbook.


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