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Friday 29 June 2018

Chuck's FA-18C Guide is available!

 Charly_Owl on the DCS Forums is famous for his excellent guides.  He has recently released an FA-18C Guide.  Here is the TOC:

 Here is a repost of an earlier blog post with references for his other guides:

Recently on the forums we stumbled upon some very excellent training guides done by Charly_Owl.  

His guides have excellent explanations and good graphics which make learning the various aircraft and helicopters in DCS much easier.  

If you want to print them best to take them to a print shop as there are many graphics to use up your ink!  Using them from a tablet would be a better option.

Here is an example from the DCS MiG-15bis:

Here are the links to the current set of Charly_Owl's guides and related forum threads:

We highly recommend them.


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