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Monday 21 March 2016

MFM Campaign Rebate Program Starts May 1st, 2016

We have had many loyal customers that have supported us to this point and we will not forget them as we continue to develop new campaigns for this great simulator.

Given that we cannot transfer your previous purchase to ED we have decided to introduce a rebate program.

On proof of purchase of the new campaign in the ED Store we will rebate the full amount previously paid to MapleFlagMissions via your Paypal account ($4.99 USD).

How will this work?

1. Starting May 1st send a copy of your proof of purchase for the new ED Store Campaign to mapleflagmissions@gmail.com with some additional reference information (your name, SUID code and paypal account email used to purchase our missions).
2. If we can make a match to a record in our customer database then we will refund the $4.99 USD amount you originally spent on the campaign to your Paypal account.
3. This represents a nearly 50% discount on the current ED Store price after the rebate.

This also ensures ED gets the full revenue for moving to the better manager module system and will allow us to decommission the SUID/Mission Key system as effectively you are fully refunded for your previous MapleFlag purchase.

This is a huge logistical challenge for us which is why we have decided to start May 1st. Your rebate may not be immediately sent after you contact us in May owing to email volume but we will ensure it gets completed.

We will apply the same rebate to any campaign that ends up on EDs Store so those many customers that bought all our campaigns (10 in total) will not lose any money once they purchase the matching ED Store version.

We believe this is the best decision for our customers as it recognizes their previous purchase to the fullest extent.

For those that have already purchased the new campaign - many thanks! Please keep your proof of purchase handy so you can get your rebate in May when the program officially starts.

We will advise if there are any changes to the program or the start date.

Many thanks for supporting MapleFlagMissions and helping us get to this important milestone.

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