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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Updated A-10C Tactical Training Qualification Campaign Packages

We completed the updates to the two TTQ Campaign packages.

You can download the updated copies here (you need both packages to play the campaign):

A-10C TTQ Campaign Part A

A-10C TTQ Campaign Part B

Campaign updates include fixes for the AI aircraft not taking off properly, corrections to the group activations for many units, correcting the immortal T-55 tanks, and the fix to BOAR flight so the player can land properly at the end of TAC25. 

We also updated the AAT Campaign documentation package to add the mission briefing and objectives to each mission PDF file so you can reference it without having to pause the game to read the briefing screen (this already exists in the TTQ Campaign documentation).

A-10C AAT Campaign Documentation

Your mission key and password can be used to install these updated packages and your campaign progress will not be impacted as it is recorded in your logbook.

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