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Sunday, 1 March 2015

F-15C Basic Flight Training Qualification Campaign Updated to V1.2

We have updated the campaign to V1.2 to fix a few reported issues and update the installer to install to the F-15C directory for those users who purchased the DCS F-15C module and did not purchase Flaming Cliffs.  The other packages remain unchanged.

Basic Flight Training Qualification - 12 mission Campaign covering qualifications for Basic Aircraft Qualification (BAQ).

Basic Flight Training Qualification Documentation - Provides Mission Data Cards, Maps and Diagrams for all 12 missions of the campaign. 

Basic Flight Training Qualification Documentation 2 - Provides User Bars, Badges and Certificates for the Campaign.

The F-15C Pilot Qualification Course has the following phases

Phase 1: Academic Classes and Pre-Flight Training

Phase 2: Basic Flight Training Qualification

Phase 3: Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification

Phase 4: Tactical Training Qualification

Phase 1 gives you Initial Qualification Training (IQT) and is a pre-requisite for Phase 2. Hopefully you have completed Phase 1 and are familiar with the F-15C aircraft systems and instruments. If not, please read the F-15C Flight Manual before continuing. 

Phase 2 gives you Basic Aircraft Qualification (BAQ). It is a pre-requisite for Phase 3. It is recommended that you complete this phase before proceeding to Phase 3. 

Phase 3 makes you Basic Mission Capable (BMC). It is a pre-requisite for Phase 4.

Phase 4 makes you Combat Mission Ready (CMR). This is necessary before proceeding on any real combat missions.

Phase 2 - Basic Flight Training Qualification contains:

Contact Stage (VFR):

1. Perform Ground Handling

2. Perform Take-Off and EFATO

3. Fly Traffic Pattern

4. Perform Approach and Landing

5. Perform Basic Maneuvers

6. Perform Advanced Handling

7. Perform Aerobatics

8. Respond to Emergencies

Instrument / Navigation Stage (IFR):

9. Instrument Approach (Landing)

10. Instrument Flight Plan Navigation

Formation Stage:

11. Fly 2 Ship as Wingman

Low-Level Stage

12. Fly Low-Level Flight Plan

This is a payware campaign that requires the purchase of a mission key to install.

More details can be found at our website here

We hope you enjoy it


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    1. Not at present as we are updating all the voice overs.

      We do hope it will be available on the ED Store soon but don't have an eta.

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  4. Pls sir,we need this mission, a lot of people coming to DCS and we need a training mission like this. We´ll paid for...

  5. bit of a joke this is still not available

  6. Hello, When the F-15C qualification training will be available? Any ETA? Tks!

  7. Sorry it has taken so long but it's been delayed by other campaign work. At present we have completed updating all the triggers with new voice overs and other fixes and it's in final testing now. We cannot give an ETA at this time but we have made progress on updating it and hope it will be available soon. Thanks for your patience and understanding.