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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Making AI JTAC Work In Missions

Many players have had problems getting AI JTAC to work in their missions.

It can be very difficult at times but with some sample missions to work from and some experimentation you can make it work.

In this forum post we provide some example missions, and trk files so you can experiment with it yourself and see that it does work.  

In the Lasing sample mission trk we use a GBU-12 to guide on the laser designated by the AI JTAC to show that the weapon will guide properly.

The JTAC unit should be a US Armed Humvee and we have had good success using FM 30.0 as the radio setting.  We have not had a chance to experiment with other countries or units.

For LASER and IR Pointer designations you do need to be wary of LOS (Line of Sight).  The mission editor will display an orange warning message if your JTAC does not have LOS to properly lase or IR pointer the target selected.

According to ED only terrain blocks LOS at present so trees, buildings and other structures should not effect it.

We hope this information helps those mission designers who were having trouble getting JTAC to work properly in their missions.


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